What You Need to Know About Our Products

Faq Info

Press brake tools are from Italy
Press brakes are from Turkiye
Monster slag machines are from Turkiye
Penta machines are from Turkiye
Joda storage systems are from Turkiye

Yes we do have a lot of tools at stock.

We ship in the same day or next day morming if we have in stock at Virginia warehouse. If not delivery time is between 2 and 6 weeks for our tools.

Yes we always help you on it. Only send us your product drawing by dxf of dwf file type.

Yes we do produce.

We do work with R+L and UPS.

Delivery time is between 5 and 12 weeks for our press brakes.

Yes we do have. We have an agreement with 4 different companies to support us.

It is 1 year.

Yes we do. If we are close to you we visit you. If not we send you a machine and you try it by yourself.

You can use our slag cleaner machine up to 30 Kw laser machines.

It is 1 year.

We send you an e-mail for order confirmation. You confirm it by email and make payment. Than your order will be processed.

We have several options.
Wire Transfer
Paypal + %3 fee